Benefits of Out-Sourcing Your Cleaning Service Needs

Outsourcing Debate: Time to Move on from In-House Cleaning Staff?

Decades ago it was commonplace for offices, factories, schools, colleges and hospitals to hire in-house cleaning staff. There were, and still are, a number of perceived benefits to directly hiring cleaning staff.

Benefits of in-house staff

Chief amongst these is security. Most firms and organisations want to know exactly who is on their premises, in order to eliminate the risks of theft or even violence. It is also believed that in-house cleaning staff offer more flexibility than outsourced staff that they are ready to clean up a spillage or mess at a moment’s notice. Some proponents of in-house cleaners also believe that long-term staff will be better acquainted with the building layout, with an understanding of certain problematic aspects of the premises.

In-house service level, outsourced costs

Here at Monthind we’ve worked with all manner of public and private organisations for more than 40 years. In that time we’ve come to understand what our clients want from a cleaning service, and can now offer the main benefits of an in-house cleaning team, but without the high costs.

Because all our staff are CRB-checked, long-term employees, you rest assured that our contract cleaning personnel are entirely trustworthy.

We also offer a truly flexible service. With nearly one thousand cleaning operatives based across the South and East of England, we are available to attend any incident, as required. Furthermore, many contracts entail our staff visiting a premises regularly, meaning they are often on-hand to assist when needed.

In terms of experience and knowledge, our staff often possess many years of experience in the cleaning sector, and so understand how all kinds of premises operate. This makes maintenance and cleaning jobs straightforward. We also endeavour to maintain cleaning contracts for years – which means our staff will get to know you and your premises.

Additional Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cleaning Service Needs

Here at Monthind, we have developed contract cleaning services that offer many of the benefits of an in-house cleaning team, but let’s not forget the huge advantages specific to using outsourced services from Monthind Clean.

Cost-effective: You can eliminate many of the costs associated with in-house cleaning staff such as equipment purchase and maintenance, overhead costs, and certain contributions you must make as an employer. Monthind will take on all these costs, and remove the burden of organising payments to staff – instead charging a simple monthly service fee. In essence, we deliver a better service for less.

Service quality: Monthind cleaners are professionally trained and use the most modern, effective cleaning equipment – equipment that may be deemed unaffordable for an in-house cleaning team.

Flexibility: As an outsourced cleaning firm, at Monthind we are always just a phone call away if you have any issues, or need cleaning staff for a one-off clean or special task.

We never outsource or sub-contract: At Monthind Clean, we ourselves never outsource. Our three decades of success is built upon being able to provide superbly trained, highly experienced, trustworthy cleaning operatives who are well paid and appreciated.

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