Best Foot Forward

The Monthind team is delighted to recently join the Boots2Africa campaign at the home of Colchester United F.C, the Weston Homes Community Stadium on a busy match-day. Tony Felgate, Andy Flatman, Anthony Lewis and Sue Dixon attended the event on behalf of the whole Monthind team.

The Boots2Africa campaign focuses on the health issues throughout African countries and how a lot of the dangers are caused by the lack of footwear that the people have access to.

Here at Monthind we are avid supporters of the Boots2Africa campaign so upon our arrival at the stadium, we were extremely proud to be able to bring with us the 450 pairs of boots that we had been able to collect during the run up to the event.

Prior to action on the football pitch-taking place, representatives from Colchester United and the Boots2Africa team joined us where we were able to handover the football boots we had been collected on behalf of the charity.

Boots2Africa continued to collect donations outside the stadium gates as the 6,504 people in attendance for the game gave generously to a cause enabling the charity to surpass 1000 pairs of boots collected. This goes to show just how much this campaign is able to resonate with football fans.

For everybody involved with the event it was an incredibly successful day. Boots2Africa continued to add to their vast collection of football boots on their campaign; Countdown to Kenya. This aspect of Boots2Africa’s campaign involves them counting down the days before they personally travel to Kenya to deliver the donated football boots themselves.

On behalf of the Monthind team, we would like to issue a huge thank-you to Boots2Africa for allowing us to be part of their fantastic campaign and an equally big thank you to Colchester United Football Club for hosting the event and raising the awareness of the charity.

Monthind would like to wish Boots2Africa the very best of luck on their journey to Kenya in just 18 days. The charity will be able to reap the rewards of their hard work, witnessing the positive impact that access to appropriate footwear has on the lives of thousands across the country.


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