Biohazard Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Monthind Clean has been delivering biohazard cleaning services across the East of England for many years, for numerous clients in the private and public sectors including local authorities, facilities and property managers and various public agencies – including police forces. We also regularly complete work on behalf of all major UK property insurers.

Monthind’s biohazard team has vast experience of dealing with all four categories of biohazard, from domestic incidents involving blood spillage to crime scene, trauma and major incidents. Our bio engineers ensure any public health risk is nullified and your reputation remains intact.


Why Choose Monthind Clean Biohazard Services?


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What is a Biohazard?

In short, any situation where bodily fluids are involved. A Biohazard situation can arise anywhere from a school or lease property to a road traffic accident (RTA) or crime scene. Biohazard situations are separated into four categories, ranging from the most serious Category 1 incidents such as a plane crash or bomb blast, to Category 4 incidents such as a minor injury requiring blood clean-up.

The implications of a less than professional biohazard clean can be far-reaching, not just from a health risk perspective, but also from the confidentiality and sensitivity issue.


How do we train our Bio Engineers?

First-class training is paramount to prepare Monthind’s bio engineers for the physical, technical and emotional challenges posed daily by biohazard and trauma cleaning.


The guidelines and regulations surrounding biohazard or trauma cleaning are strict, due to the potential risk to human health. Whether it is a crime scene cleanup, a traffic accident, train crash, or suicide, the possibility of infection from bodily fluids is high and the need for ongoing training for cleaning operatives is paramount.

Monthind’s biohazard team is staffed with experienced bio engineers, each of whom carries Biosafe certification and undergoes a comprehensive training programme, regardless of previous experience.

This includes training in cleaning processes, such as the safe removal and disposal of contaminated materials, safe removal of sharps and prevention of cross-contamination, prevention of injury and self-contamination, and use of personal protection equipment (PPE). Plus, our bio engineers also receive extensive training in areas we believe are essential to ensuring the professional management of a biohazard situation, including diplomacy in sensitively handling emotive situations and compliance with confidentiality procedures.

Supporting our staff

We understand the difficulties our staff may have to face as a result of dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected death or a violent crime scene. We have an in-house Health and Safety Officer who supports staff in all aspects of mental health first aid, and have a process in place to offer counselling to members of our team.


Who can legally decontaminate a Biohazard situation?


Bioengineer with a Primary Qualification

Legally certified to work on decontamination of biohazard Categories 1, 2, 3, 4

Bio first aider with a Secondary Qualification

Legally certified to work on decontamination of biohazard Categories 3 and 4 without the supervision of a bioengineer. Able to assist in decontamination of Category 1 and 2 incidents under supervision of a bioengineer.

Our professional, discreet, highly trained biohazard team consists of certified bioengineers and bio first aiders, legally ‘qualifying’ Monthind to deal with biohazard incidents of any severity, from Category 4 through to the most severe Category 1 incidents.


We’re always bio safe


All biohazard work we undertake is risk assessed, prior to work commencing, and is carried out in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. Our safe systems of work are regularly reviewed and audited to ensure continued best practice.

Monthind’s biohazard cleaning operatives have extensive training and vast experience in taking the correct precautionary measures to protect themselves from contamination. Taking these measures allows Monthind’s biohazard engineers to safely decontaminate any biohazard situation, creating a safe and sterile environment.

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