Business Time in Essex: How to Plan for an Uncertain 2021

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Monthind Director Simon Biggs, writing in the September edition of Business Time in Essex

The Year Cleaning Moved to the Top of the Agenda

How to Plan for an Uncertain 2021

2020 was the year cleaning moved to the top of the agenda. As we move into the uncertain business landscape of 2021, one of the few certainties is that cleaning and hygiene practices will continue to play a major role in helping Essex businesses fight COVID-19. With that in mind, at Monthind we have spent many hours considering how we can use our 45 years of experience to enable businesses to deliver clean, safe working environments while remaining efficient in 2021.

Enhanced cleaning measures are essential – but so is keeping an eye on the financials

Balancing higher outgoings due to increased hygiene measures against lower, COVID-affected revenue stream is no easy task. Delivering a clean, safe environment is essential for businesses and organisations, both for hygiene purposes and to build staff and customer confidence, but maintaining heightened hygiene levels while remaining efficient is an additional challenge faced by many during these extended uncharted times.

Having seen this situation develop for many customers throughout the course of 2020, Monthind has developed a downloadable guide to help organisations strike that fine balance and deliver a safe, clean and hygienic business environment without taking both eyes off the budget sheet. In the guide, we have strived to provide answers to questions including; When, why and how often should you deep clean? What qualifies as ‘more frequent’ cleaning of washrooms and regular touch points? Do air conditioning and ventilation systems require more frequent cleaning during COVID-19? What does a COVID-19 response plan look like?

Download your Cleaning Contingency Planning Guide for 2021


The effect of increased hygiene practices on business

We are looking for the answers to these questions and more, to learn more about the consequences hygiene issues are having on businesses during COVID-19. That’s why we are launching a study, The Impact of COVID-19 Cleaning and Hygiene Practices on Businesses.

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We strive to ensure that working with Monthind delivers peace of mind. We have been working at the forefront of the cleaning industry for 45 years, are fully audited, ISO-accredited, and experts in compliance, risk analysis and operational health & safety. During COVID-19, we are endeavouring to use our extensive experience and expertise to support businesses in meeting the ongoing challenges of delivering safe, clean and hygienic living and working environments during a pandemic.

For advice on delivering and maintaining cleanliness in 2021, talk to one of our expert team today on 01206 215300.

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