Objective: To support Orwell Housing Association’s changing needs with cost-effective, efficient cleaning and maintenance services.

Services provided to OHA include:

  • Void cleans
  • Post-tenancy cleans
  • Property maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Bin cleaning

With Monthind’s acquisition of A Klass Clean in 2013 came a major new legacy contract with Orwell Housing Association. The responsibilities and opportunities afforded by the OHA contract made it a top priority for Monthind Clean.

A proud history

Established in 1963, Orwell Housing Association has a long and proud history of providing high quality, safe housing for thousands of people in East Anglia. Today the association provides housing, support and care services for over 7,000 residents and employs over 500 staff.

The importance of great cleaning services

High quality, reliable cleaning services are valued by tenants and housing associations alike – ensuring properties and their surrounds are visually and hygienically clean. But a good cleaning service must also be cost-effective and flexible enough to adapt to an association’s ever-changing needs.

A strong working relationship

Over the past two years Monthind’s connection with OHA has grown stronger, underpinned by a great working relationship between Mike Penman, Head of Responsive Repairs at OHA, and Monthind’s Business Manager, John Nugent – along with their respective teams. Monthind now provides essential cleaning services to OHA properties across North Essex and Suffolk – particularly in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Felixstowe.

Clearer pricing

Given the complexity of legacy pricing structures, Monthind designed a new, all-encompassing costing approach, based on a matrix provided by OHA. The result was easier cost projections for the housing association.

Faster post-tenancy cleaning evaluations

Initially, Monthind’s services for OHA focussed on void cleans and post-tenancy cleans – services designed to restore a property back to a clean and presentable condition for incoming tenants. In order to quickly evaluate what level of clean was required for a given property, new Bronze, Silver and Gold cleaning levels were introduced – saving the OHA time and money.

Flexible services that support OHA’s changing needs

The services provided to OHA by Monthind have grown to include Bin Cleaning and most recentlyWindow Cleaning, managed by Simon Howes and his Specialist Trained Teams.

A flexible, can-do attitude underpins the relationship between Monthind and OHA.

“The benefits to OHA of working with a service provider such as Monthind are professional, well-trained staff who are led by a management team willing to go the extra mile to deliver solutions on a daily basis.”  Mike Penman, Orwell Housing Association

Unrivalled housing association experience

When it comes to working with housing associations, Monthind Clean delivers an unrivalled level of expertise and experience. To learn more about our flexible, cost-effective and superior housing association cleaning services in the south and east of England, get in touch today.

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