Cleaning Services for Facilities Management: In-House or Outsource?

The term ‘facilities management’ is sometimes considered a label for a new business phenomenon, yet as an industry it has been around for decades. Indeed, even now the phrase causes some confusion, as FM World’s John Bowen pointed out in a recent blog.

But whether it is properly understood among the general public or not, ‘FM’ is a growing sector that underpins the smooth management of everything from schools to hospitals, office blocks to factories.

In short, as Wikipedia states, it is the “interdisciplinary business function that coordinates space, infrastructure, people and organization”.

Good building management

A potentially vast range of services are required to keep a building in good working order, among which cleaning is fundamental. But when a building owner outsources its facilities management needs to a dedicated FM firm, does it make sense for that firm, in turn, to outsource its needs to yet another organisation?

As regards professional cleaning, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

In-house cleaning teams?

There are some perceived benefits to hiring a full or part-time in-house team, such as better knowledge of a given building and more flexibility. They are also sometimes considered a ‘secure’ option, because such team members are personally known to the management; companies do not want unidentified people on their premises. However, upon closer consideration, these plus-points can also be delivered by a professional outside cleaning firm.

In addition, in-house cleaning teams can cost more because they may be employed for longer periods and are on-hand to deal with ad hoc situations. They also demand more management time in terms of instructions, taxation and payroll.

So why outsource to a professional cleaning firm?

Cost effective

Professional cleaning operations, such as Monthind, already possess a vast range of efficient cleaning equipment, meaning an FM firm does not need to buy in these expensive items. Such a firm also employs highly trained cleaning operatives, and manages their payrolls and other related overheads – further reducing the workload for the FM firm.

Service Quality

Professional cleaning companies are just that – professional. This means they are fully versed in all aspects of cleaning, often – as in Monthind’s case – drawing on decades of experience in the sector.


While this is a potential benefit of employing an in-house cleaning team, dedicated cleaning companies are – certainly in the case of Monthind – available for as-required one-off cleans, offering facilities management providers truly flexible options.

Choose Monthind

Fundamentally, the notion of ‘division of labour’ makes choosing a professional cleaning firm most compelling. Hiring a team of experts who can provide the most effective service in the most economical way reflects how most successful facilities management firms operate.

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