Monthind’s Hybrid Journey to Greener Travel

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We are delighted to announce a significant decline in Monthind’s CO2 emissions thanks to our long-term investments in our green fleet.

As an employer of more than 1000 staff, we have a longstanding commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by promoting sustainability throughout our activities; from the boardroom to the shop floor.

The major investment into this strategy is Monthind’s ‘Green Fleet’ of lower CO2 hybrid vehicles, which has replaced conventionally-powered vehicles, and has already delivered significant emissions savings, according to Andy Flatman, Monthind Clean’s Business Services Manager for EQMS & IT.

“Over the last year, charging our plug-in hybrid vehicle fleet at head office has saved over 740kg of CO2 emissions,” says Andy.  “That’s equivalent of making 10,500 cups of tea or driving 2250 miles in a standard petrol car or spending 150 hours in the average electric shower!”

Beyond the Green Fleet, Monthind’s commitment to sustainable travel extends to further everyday policies such as;

How Green & How Far?

Is Monthind’s Green Fleet really better for climate change than conventional cars? The short answer is yes. Despite the use of fossil fuels in electricity production, the UK met targets to generate 50% of its power from low carbon sources more than 18 months ago. And, as low carbon energy generation continues to increase, the emissions from Monthind’s Green Fleet will continue to fall.

Can hybrid vehicles cope with the travel demands of business? Whilst the most modern top-end electric cars can run for over 330 miles before needing a plug socket, the mass market electric car has a top end range of closer to 180 miles on a single charge. However, as an East Anglian cleaning company, Monthind mapped out a journey taking in the full length of the region – Grays in South Essex to Cromer in North Norfolk. And, at around 140 miles, the Green Fleet’s hybrid power is more than enough to allow the Monthind team to make it to the beach with electricity to spare!


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