Commercial Waste Management Services

Professional, reliable waste management services from the region’s leading independent cleaning contractor.

Monthind Clean’s waste management team can assist you with nappy waste, feminine hygiene waste, used PPE, exhausted COVID testing kits, offensive waste, and high and low risk clinical waste.  Our partner suppliers are licensed to dispose of a broad range of hazardous waste in keeping with the Environmental Protection Act, which is enforced through the allocation of a Waste Transfer Notice held by Monthind.

As the East of England’s leading independent cleaning company, Monthind Clean gives you access to an extensive, established network of highly motivated staff and dedicated management teams, who pride themselves on delivering excellence in all our waste management services.

Monthind Clean holds ISO14001 certification, which is the principal management system standard which specifies the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS. This helps to control environmental aspects, reduce impacts and ensure legal compliance.

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We offer a Sack only collection service and a Bulk Waste Service with a range of bin sizes – 240, 360, 700 and 1100 litres all handled. We can even supply the bins for a monthly charge – click here to find out more. Our clients include nursing and residential homes, day nurseries, GP surgeries, hospitals and laboratories.

All waste is safely disposed of and recycled into energy at specialist plants. The incineration process turns the steam into electricity, creating a renewable energy source.

Nappy Waste Disposal Bins and Services

Our nappy disposal units provide a hygienic way to dispose of soiled diapers that contain harmful germs and bacteria, making them a potential biohazard if not correctly managed.

A range of solutions for varying volumes of nappy disposal:

Feminine Hygiene Bins and Sanitary Waste Disposal Services

Monthind Clean offers a range of feminine hygiene services and modern sanitary units to meet your specific requirement, including: 

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Used PPE and COVID-19 Waste Disposal Services

PPE and COVID-19 waste disposal services for businesses across all sectors.  

At Monthind, we make sure your business is safe and keeps operating in line with the current HM Government Guidelines.

We provide a wide range of products and services to ensure your business stays compliant and safe throughout and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Give your staff and visitors the reassurance that your premises are taking care of their health.

Our PPE and COVID-19 waste disposal services range from air steriliser units, hands free door openers to germ and sneeze guards.

See our range below or contact Monthind today to discuss your requirements and keep your business COVID-19 safe.  

Air Sanitising Units from Monthind Clean 

Airsteril Multiflex  

Removes odours, controls infection and improves hygiene. Sanitises all exposed surfaces round the clock. 

Perfect for: 

The Airsteril MF range lifts hygiene standards to a level impossible to reach with traditional cleaning alone. In enclosed spaces, airborne microorganisms create offensive odours, spread infections and compromise hygiene standards. Harmful microorganisms can return and grow at a rapid rate immediately after the first use.

The MF is fan driven and can easily be ceiling or wall mounted for continuous operation via a spur from an emergency lighting circuit. Alternatively, it is supplied with a plug and feet for temporary use on a raised flat surface such as a chest of drawers or any other high available surface. In a public area or permanent location, we would advise hard wiring to a spur. 

Benefits of using Air Steriliser Units

Hands Free Door Openers  

StepNpull® Hands-Free Door Openers 

For quick and easy door opening. Easily mounted onto commercial solid wood or metal doors. Long-lasting, easy to install and clean. This highly innovative and clever gadget is perfect for: 

Escalator Media Handrail Steriliser  

Eliminate risks of bacteria and germs being left on escalator hand rails in areas with busy traffic such as hotels, large office buildings and shopping centres.  Sterilisation is ensured by a UV lamp on the 7” monitor, and it shows the real-time hygienic status for users to assure their safety.

For more information on this incredible piece of equipment, click here. To find out how Monthind can provide you with escalator handrail cleaning services, contact us today.

Germ and Sneeze Guards for Safer Staff and Customers 


Protect your staff and customers displays with our range of sneeze screen solutions.  With some of the most versatile designs on the market, we offer a large range of portable solutions, which are perfect for use at counters, receptions and anywhere people are unable to observe safely social distancing guidance. 

To compliment this, we also offer fully bespoke built-in solutions to keep your food items protected. 

Sneeze and Germ Guard Shields are produced with a 5mm Acrylic panel and supplied with a sturdy foot base to help provide stability and supplied with printed warning strip applied to the shield.  Available in sizes: 

Click here to find out more about Monthind Clean’s COVID-19 cleaning services  


Clinical Waste Disposal Services  

At Monthind Clean, we provide a comprehensive range of bins, disposable units, and storage containers to meet your needs whether you’re looking for clinical waste management in Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Norfolk.  

Sharps Containers 

For the safe disposal of needles, razors, scalpels and other sharps. Produced to BS7320:1990 standards enabling total, environmentally-acceptable incineration. 

Clinical & Medical Waste Bins 

A range of one-trip, sealable, tamper-proof and leak-resistant containers. Available in various sizes, extremely robust and environmentally acceptable for incineration. 


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