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The importance of clean washrooms and bathrooms to customers cannot be overstated. They can make or break reputations. Whether choosing a place to shop, eat, or do business, unclean or poorly maintained washroom facilities prove to be an instant turn-off to customers time and again.

Frequent cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy washroom environment that reaches the levels expected by customers and demanded by compliance.

Monthind’s washroom cleaning services help you deliver a clean, safe, virus-free washroom environment, from delivering regular and specialist cleans to maintaining janitorial and sanitary supplies.

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How will Monthind deliver a clean and safe washroom? About our washroom services

With a combination of germ harbours and frequent touch points, washroom and bathroom facilities can be a haven for a wide range of biological agents, including MRSA, salmonella, norovirus and, of course, COVID-19. A regular cleaning schedule is imperative to keep contaminants at bay and delivering a clean, safe washroom to your customers and employees.


Highly trained and experienced cleaning experts delivering your washroom solutions

Monthind’s cleaning operatives are trained to deliver washroom cleaning solutions efficiently, effectively and systematically. Our washroom cleaning teams cover all frequent touchpoints and germ harbours, including taps and sinks, soap and sanitiser dispensers, hand drying facilities, toilets including seats, flushes and paper dispensers, floors, door handles and locks. For your convenience, our team can provide these services regularly, outside of usual working hours to avoid unnecessary contact with your customers and employees.

Throughout our 45 years in the industry, Monthind has always made significant investments in our cleaning operatives and ensuring they always have the very latest technologies and equipment to combat biological agents. Our washroom cleaning operatives always use all relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) required. We conduct a thorough risk assessment before undertaking any job to ensure that our employees can safely deliver and maintain a clean, safe washroom environment for your business.

Deep Clean Services for Washrooms

Deep cleaning delivers myriad benefits for your washroom and bathroom facilities, from maintaining a base level of cleanliness deemed acceptable by staff and customers, to ensuring legislative compliance requirements or even responding to specific hygiene issues.

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COVID Cleaning Services for Washrooms

As COVID-19 has been established as an enveloped virus, similar to influenza, Monthind Clean has proven cleaning methodologies and protocols to combat its spread. By using the correct combination of cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting (Click here to find out the difference), our expert team of washroom services operatives can safely eliminate the COVID-19 from washrooms.

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Maintaining a Clean, Hygienic Washroom

Keeping sanitation products well stocked to enable good hygiene practices and reduce the spread of contamination is vital to keeping your washrooms clean, making it a critical part of Monthind’s washroom solutions.


Your Monthind cleaning team can manage this on your behalf as part of their cleaning duties, including; monitoring, maintaining and replenishing stock levels in soap dispensers, sanitary product dispensers or similar equipment, replacing broken items or equipment, supplying all types of washroom paper products, hand-cleaners and soaps, alcohol gels, detergents, dishwashing products, refuse sacks, bin liners and vending cups.

Monthind can also supply and fit product dispensers in your premises, as well as ensuring prompt replacement of any broken or damaged dispensers. Click here to find out more about our full range of Janitorial Supplies.

Monthind Clean is here to help you deliver a clean, safe, virus-free washroom environment. Talk to one of our experienced team today on 01206 215 300.

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Janitorial Supplies and Services

Monthind Clean is able to accompany our washroom cleaning services with a full range of Washroom Supplies on either a rental basis, fully maintained and serviced, or as an outright purchase, including:

Paper Towels and Dispensers

• Cold-water-soluble Bulk Pack Toilet Paper

• Fully Water-soluble and Degradable Hand Wash Dispensers, Hand Dryers and Roller Towels.

Automatic Air Fresheners

Clinical & Medical Waste Bins and Disposal

Nappy Disposal Bins and Collection Services

Sharps Containers and Disposal Services

Sanitary Bins, Vending Machines and Waste Disposal


Our Partners in Washroom Solutions

Liberty Hygiene 

Liberty Hygiene provides washroom hygiene services throughout the South of England. Boasting 30 years of experience, Liberty Hygiene provides a consistently high standard of washroom and feminine hygiene products and services to Monthind customers.

Monthind washroom services enhanced by partnering with Liberty Hygiene


Where can you find Monthind’s Professional Washroom Services?


Colchester: Monthind House, 91 London Road, Copford, Colchester, Essex CO6 1LG

Norwich: Unit A6, Abbey Farm Commercial Park, Horsham St Faith, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 3JU

Gorleston: Humberstone House, 47 Englands Lane, Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 6BE

Washroom Services in Cambridge: Atkins Gregory Limited, Unit 12 Glenmore Business Park, Ely Road, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9FX


*according to a Proctor & Gamble study published by Ipsos in 2017

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