Commercial Washroom Cleaning and Hygiene Services

Professional, reliable waste management services from the region’s leading independent cleaning contractor.

Monthind Clean’s washroom cleaning and hygiene team supply and maintain a leading range of high quality commercial washroom essentials, from hand dryers and soap dispensers to air fresheners and feminine hygiene services.  

Your Monthind washroom team services your facilities at regular intervals to ensure that your supply levels are always adequate and your equipment is always pristine and fully operational. Plus, we pride ourselves on delivering a discrete service. 

As the East of England’s leading independent cleaning company, Monthind Clean gives you access to an extensive, established network of highly motivated staff and dedicated management teams, who pride themselves on delivering excellence in all our cleaning and hygiene services for bathrooms, toilets and washroom facilities including changing rooms and shower areas. 

Monthind is also able to supply all types of washroom paper products, hand-cleaners and soaps, alcohol gels, detergents, dishwashing products, refuse sacks, bin liners and vending cups. 

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Need a deeper clean? 

Monthind’s dedicated team of specialist cleaning operatives utilises the leading cleaning equipment and techniques to consistently deliver washroom and toilet deep cleaning services to an extremely professional standard within an agreed timescale. 

Electric Hand Dryers for Commercial Bathrooms and Washrooms

hand dryer supplier

Monthind offers a wide range of industry-leading automatic infrared hand dryers, helping you providing safe, hygienic and easy to maintain non-contact hand drying facilities suitable for any bathrooms or washrooms environment.

Automatic and Energy Saving Hand Dryers

Veltia Hand Dryers 

Veltia Hand Dryer 

VELTIA® is the innovative solution that uses high speed air to dry hands effectively and efficiently without heating element.

Operating automatically when users place their hand withing the drying chamber, VELTIA® not only dries hands in a short space of time, but also creates a pleasant massage effect.

Veltia Air Tap 

Veltia’s energy saving hand drying solution, Air Tap is hand drying in its most simple and elegant format with no mess and no water on the floor.

Eco-efficient, high speed and saving precious wall space in your bathrooms and washrooms, Air-Tap provides a touch free efficient solution negating water on the floor.

Simple to operate and easy to clean, Air Tap also incorporates Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) and Smart Air Outlet Technology (MAOT).

F1 Eco  

Thanks to a unique external adjustment, the F1 Eco gives you the capability to increase or decrease both the power and noise levels, allowing your hand dryers to be adapting to suit your washroom environment. The F1 Eco also benefits from Internal switchable heating, which creates a further reduction in energy consumption.

A blue guidance light indicates the optimum drying position to the user, while an LED display indicates when the dryer is active.

 F9 Eco  

The F9 Eco is a high-speed, low-cost solution that delivers low energy hand drying with the included extra of a choice of heated or ambient temperature output air. Operated automatically by a built-in infrared sensor. a blue LED multi-cluster indicates to the user where they should position their hands for optimum drying,

The F9 Eco casing is one piece and weld free adding to the dryers overall strength and quality, which is reinforced by a 3-year warranty.


An extremely energy efficient hand drying solution, VERDEdri is a high speed, surface mounted DDA compliant hand drying solution which also featured HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology.

VERDEdri requires only 950 watts of power to deliver effective drying, and its adjustable two speed motor controls and global universal voltage features enable it to be easily accommodated into any commercial washroom environment.

VERDEdri is specifically designed to cope with all environments and footfall situations. Alongside being durable and vandal resistant, VERDEdri also incorporates SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology – which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus during the dryer’s service life.

Smart Hand Dryers

Meet the Savortex range of Smart Hand Dryers, which offer up to 66% energy savings and connected washroom management.

EcoCurve 550A™ 

adDryer 550A™ 

EcoCurve 550D™

Feminine Hygiene Bins and Sanitary Waste Disposal Services

Monthind Clean offers a range of feminine hygiene services and modern sanitary units to meet your specific requirement, including:

Feminine Hygiene Bins from Monthind Clean

Femcare Classic Hygiene Bins: 

A range of high capacity, easy to service sanitary bins in a range of colours to suit any bathroom, including Gloss Black and Silver to help you maintain a premium ambience in the more modern washroom.

Colours available:

Intima Hygiene Units:

Combining large waste holding capacity with a sleek, modern and compact design with minimal floor obstruction, Intima and Intima Mini offer a superior feminine hygiene solution to your staff, customers and visitors while on your premises.

Both the Intima and Intima Mini embody exceptional functionality, quality and unique service-friendly features thanks including the capability for both liner and bin exchange service options.

Activation modes available:

Service options available:

Colours available:

Sanitary Vending Machines

Monthind is also able to provide a full range of vending machines for the commercial supply of sanitary and related products with back-up supplies if required. Available in solid white or polished chrome, our sanitary vending machines are powder coated for maximum protection.

Sanitary waste disposal

Monthind’s washroom services team offers a complete feminine hygiene service, including the disposal of sanitary waste from your organisation or workplace.

Discreet sanitary disposal service

Monthind’s sanitary waste disposal service utilises a scented microbial liner service, which removes the need for the less hygienic and less discreet method of carrying used sanitary waste units through your premises at every waste disposal visit.

Instead, your Monthind cleaning operative locks themselves in the cubicle, removes any sanitary waste and thoroughly sanitises your bin before placing a new scented microbial bin liver into the unit. Our operative will then place any sanitary waste into a modesty bag to allow for tactful removal from your facility without alerting customers or staff.

Air Fresheners for Commercial Washrooms


Monthind provides a wide range of automatic air freshener dispensers on either a rental basis, fully maintained and serviced, or as an outright purchase. Our units are discreet and can be located wherever required, providing neutralisation of undesirable odours.

As the units are battery operated, they can be installed in almost any location without the need for mains electric supply. With flexible programming options, the units can be adjusted to allow fragrance delivery and odour control to be matched to the location conditions. With a choice of fragrances available, your units can be tailored to suit your company profile.

Oxygen-Pro Air Freshener 

And ideal odour control system for any establishment, the Oxygen-Pro Air Freshener allows you to program the dispenser to work for 30, 60 or 90 days, and, thanks to two cartridge sizes, you can select different fragrance intensity levels.

V-Air SOLID Multi-Phasing 

The V-Air® SOLID air freshener dispenses particles typically sized below 1.0 micron, enabling superior fragrance delivery, which makes this a highly effective air care system safe for continuous exposure in public areas.

By dispensing smaller and lighter particles than other fragrance systems, the V-Air® SOLID Multi-Phasing air freshener dispenses fragrance particles that remain airborne for many hours.

Airoma Air Freshener 

Airoma® is an automatic fragrance dispenser designed to ensure your facility always smells fresh and clean.

Airoma® air freshener helps you keep bad odours at bay by automatically delivering a small burst of fragrance at specific intervals. Plus, thanks to simple, flexible programming options, the Airoma can be set to match the exact conditions of your location.

Soap Dispensers for Commercial Washrooms


Monthind offers a specifically selected a range of soap products and touch and non-touch liquid, foam and fully automatic soap dispensers to compliment any washroom.

Monthind can supply and fit product dispensers in your premises, as well as ensuring prompt replacement of any broken or damaged dispensers. All of our soap products are fully water soluble and degradable, and your Monthind washroom cleaning team can replenish your dispensers as part of their cleaning duties, and ensure replacement stock supplies are always in place.

Wall Mounted, Commercial and Industrial Soap Dispensers 

The Sanitex Soap Dispensing System

Featuring a unique pouch resealing feature, the Sanitex soap dispensing system ensures a quick, simple and contamination free servicing. The “push to dispense” system is compatible with innovative liquid, spray or foam pumps, providing great to flexibility for you to choose your preferred soap option, without the necessity of changing the entire dispenser.

Modular Soap Dispenser 

This modular soap dispenser delivers a range of benefits for commercial washrooms. Thanks to its universal enclosure, the dispenser can be fitted with a variety of interchangeable pumps allowing the delivery of liquid, spray or foam soap. The cover, which also acts as the pusher, eliminating the need for an arm lever, locks automatically when closed. It can be unlocked with either a push button or the supplied key. The interchangeable pump also has the ability to be locked into place to prevent tampering. A translucent window is included within this soap dispenser to allow for simple monitoring of soap levels.

Intelligent Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser 

The newest solution in the Liberty range, the Intelligent Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser is a sleek, battery operated unit, complete with infrared waterproof sensor, which can be either wall-mounted or used countertop. This intelligent dispenser offers a totally hands-free solution to dispensing, and even offers a choice of dosing levels.


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