Crime scene and biohazard clean up: Not like the movies

crime scene cleanup

Until a few decades ago, the term ‘biohazard clean-up’ was virtually unknown, but has since entered the vernacular of millions – on both sides of the Atlantic.

Popularised by television series such as CSI Miami, documentaries like Grim Sweepers and movies such as Sunshine Cleaning, the work undertaken by crime scene or biohazard cleaners is increasingly better understood.

However, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood arguably gives a slightly warped view of the profession.

What exactly is biohazard cleaning?

Biohazard clean up involves hygienically removing a biohazard from a particular location before decontaminating everything that came into contact with the biohazard. Biohazards include human or animal blood, fluids and excrement – as well as unseen organisms that might potentially carry disease, on surfaces such as floors and furniture and on objects such as needles or other sharps. Biohazardous situations can vary in severity, and can be localised or occur over a wide area.

In the early 1990s, when a biohazard event took place it was the responsibility of the premises owner to organise the clean-up. In those days, specialist biohazard cleaning firms were all but non-existent. The myth that the police or fire service might carry out clean-up operations after, for example, a suicide or assault, persists to this day – although to a lesser degree.

The importance of biohazard cleaning firms is increasingly recognised. In the USA, the Ebola virus prompted the government to contract major companies that were originally founded on crime scene clean-up operations – demonstrating the vast range of situations that might require a biohazard professional.

Here in the UK, fears over MRSA and ‘Swine Flu’ have seen bio-hazard firms in great demand.

Professionalism and Sensitivity

Here at Monthind Clean our extensively-trained biohazard cleaning operatives also deal with a wide range of biohazards. These might include decontaminating a police cell that has been defecated in, or cleaning up after an unattended death in a private property.

The real world of biohazard clean-up is a more sobering one that portrayed in TV and on film. It requires skill, professionalism – and huge sensitivity – particularly when someone has been badly injured or has died. But there is also an important objective to achieve – in protecting others from biohazards.

Here at Monthind Clean our operatives are trained in all four categories of biohazard clean-up, meaning they can deal with everything from minor assaults to road accidents with multiple casualties.

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