Crime Scene Cleanup

The disaster recovery services of Monthind Clean’s crime scene cleanup operatives are relied upon and trusted by numerous private clients and various public agencies, including police forces, across the East of England.

Our reputation has made us among the most sought-after crime scene cleanup operatives in the East of England, delivering services across Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Monthind’s crime scene cleanup operatives have extensive training and vast experience in attending the full spectrum of crime scene and blood cleanups, including trauma and major incidents. The training received by our team of specialist crime scene cleanup operatives certifies Monthind to tackle all four categories of biohazard.

Our team applies the same level of professionalism to every situation attended by Monthind, whether it is a major crime scene or a minor blood cleanup, to ensure any public health risk is nullified and your reputation remains intact.

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Who is qualified to conduct a crime scene cleanup?

A bio engineer with a Primary Qualification is legally certified to work on decontamination of biohazard incidents of Categories 1 and 2. A bio first aider with a Secondary Qualification can assist in the decontamination of Category 1 and 2 incidents under supervision of a bio engineer and is legally certified to work on decontamination of biohazard Categories 3 and 4 without supervision.

Monthind’s professional, highly trained crime scene cleanup team contains fully qualified bio engineers and bio first aiders, making Monthind capable of dealing with crime scene and blood cleanup incidents of any severity.

How do we train our Crime Scene Cleanup Operatives?

Monthind’s crime scene cleanup operatives receive extensive training in the professional management of a biohazard situation. We also understand that confidentiality and tact are essential to the performance of these tasks, and training includes diplomacy in how to sensitively handle emotive situations and ensure compliance with any confidentiality procedures.

Due to the potential risk involved, strict regulations surround crime scene and trauma cleaning. To find out more about Monthind’s biohazard training procedure please visit our Biohazard Cleaning Services page.

Whose responsibility is it to clean up a crime scene? 

Regardless of attendance by the emergency services, a biohazard incident on private property remains the responsibility of the property owner. Due to the specialist requirement of biohazard cleaning, many members of the emergency services do not have a sufficient level of training to conduct the clean-up and declare the scene free from contamination.


Monthind’s crime scene cleanups are always bio safe 

In providing these sensitive services we operate with full legislative compliance and all materials are disposed of at incinerator sites appropriately licensed for the task.

Crime scene and blood clean-ups fall under the banner of a biohazard. All Monthind’s biohazard cleaning work undertaken is risk assessed and carried out in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. To find out more, visit our Biohazard Cleaning Services page. You can also find out more about how Monthind supports its staff during and following their dealing with a traumatic situation such as dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected death or a violent crime scene.

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