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Managing the disposal of sanitary waste in the workplace

It’s one of those topics isn’t it, but did you know that under the 1992 Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations every workplace must provide suitable means for the disposal of sanitary waste in each washroom?

“All toilet cubicles likely to be used by females, including disabled and unisex, should provide a sanitary disposal facility.”

The regulation doesn’t discriminate or make allowances, such as for smaller companies. Regardless of the number of employees, all organisations and businesses, are required by law to provide suitable sanitary waste disposal facilities. Add in the Water Industry Act (1991) and the Environmental Protection Act (1990), and your company washrooms can become a regulatory minefield.


Supporting you with Sanitary Waste Disposal

Don’t panic! Help is at hand. Monthind can manage this tricky task for your business. We offer a wide range of modern sanitary units to meet your specific needs, including non-touch sanitary bins. And, because Monthind offers coordinated supply and management, we can also ensure that your company avoids the dangers involved with the daunting task of the correct disposal of sanitary waste. Our operatives use special carriers to safely and discreetly remove, change or relocate sanitary facilities within your organisation.

Be Bio Safe – Leave it to the Professionals

Did you know that sanitary waste falls under the banner of a biohazard? Taboo task or not, would you be more comfortable leaving sanitary management to experienced professionals?

Monthind’s sanitary bins and sanitary waste disposal services are delivered by Liberty Hygiene. Liberty is a South East company based in Rayleigh – covering London, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Bucks, & Kent – with more than 30 years’ experience in washroom hygiene services. Liberty’s driven team of washroom hygiene professionals are committed to delivering exceptional service levels and surpassing customer expectations.

Liberty Hygiene has been awarded ISO 14001 certification: the international standard requirements for an effective EMS (Environment Management System) which aids in the control environmental aspects, reduce impacts and ensures legal compliance.

Sanitary Bin Collection Cost

The specific requirements concerning the disposal of sanitary waste vary from workplace to workplace so for your bespoke, no-obligation quote call Monthind today on 01206 215300 or fill out our contact form.

For more information on Sanitary, Janitorial or Washroom Services, or any other Cleaning requirements get in touch with our friendly, expert, professional team today on 01206 215300 or download our brochure to find out how Monthind has been leading the way in the cleaning sector throughout East of England since 1975.

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