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Is Monthind Clean compliant? Does this compliancy extend to COVID-19 cleaning? 

As a company that frequently operates in challenging and potentially hazardous environments, we place health and safety at the centre of all our operations. The health and well-being of our cleaning operatives, staff members, clients and the general public is our first priority before, during and beyond COVID-19.

From site-specific risk assessments, staff training and certification, specific policies and industry standards, Monthind Clean leads the way in delivering safe, compliant services.

Independent audits are carried out by our business compliance department at every site, assessing cleaning operation, site health and safety, training requirements and cleaning standards. We achieved double ISO accreditation in 2018 and have been ISO certified for 26 consecutive years.

Use the links to read more about compliance and see documents and accreditations for Monthind Clean’s compliance and health & safety.

Can Monthind clean following a COVID-19 Outbreak? Does this include schools, healthcare, restaurant and business settings? 

Monthind is able to offer cleaning services following a coronavirus outbreak in any setting, although we must allow 72 hours after the contamination has been identified and the area needs to be well ventilated where possible. We will only proceed once a full risk assessment has been completed. Monthind’s highly trained specialist and biohazard cleaning operatives are vastly experienced in conducting safe, effective cleans of contaminated areas while preventing the further spread of contamination. 

For more information on the safe cleaning of contaminated sites, get in touch today on 01206 215300.

Is fogging a good method for cleaning COVID-19?

Monthind is working in partnership with Hygiene Pro Clean, a containment and decontamination business that deals with biological threats. They have developed their own spray technology which allows them to get full volume coverage of any void/space with potential threat in it.

 Monthind’s specialist cleaning team is also able to offer a high pressure sanitating system, which is independently tested by microbiologists to deliver 99.999% efficacy. To find out more, contact us on 01206 215300.

What is COVID-19 deep cleaning and is it necessary? Are there guidelines set out for coronavirus deep cleaning? 

Monthind is able to provide deep cleans to any commercial premises, and in doing so ensure that all contact points and other areas are thoroughly sanitised. To learn more about coronavirus deep cleaning services and when it is necessary, click for full details of our COVID-19 Deep Clean Services.

How often should offices be cleaned during COVID-19? 

Guidance for getting back to work in a clean and safe environment, including what constitutes frequent cleaning of touchpoints such as computer keyboards, light switches, door handles and washroom facilities, is covered extensively in our guide to safely reopening workplaces. Click here for more information on how to create, maintain and practice clean.

Is Monthind taking extra precautions due to COVID-19? 

Monthind is taking all necessary precautions to protect its employees as well as its customers and their personnel. Thanks to our vast experience delivering biohazard cleans, the Monthind Clean team has many years of experience in the safe cleaning of a contaminated environment, such as the challenges presented during the current coronavirus outbreak. If a risk assessment of the setting indicates that a higher level of the virus may be present then PPE to protect the cleaner’s eyes, mouth and nose might be necessary.

Working with Monthind during the Coronavirus outbreak 

To ensure the continued health and safety of all personnel of Monthind, our clients and members of the public, it is important we all work together during these challenging times. Therefore we would be extremely grateful if you could get in touch with us if any of the following situations apply to you or your organisation, to allow us to take appropriate action as soon as possible. Please let us know if:

Should you get carpets professionally cleaned after COVID-19? 

Proven methods to create conditions inhospitable to the infectious lifespan of viruses are employed regularly by professional carpet cleaning. Click here to find out more about the facts around carpets and coronavirus. 

Should you be using Electrostatic Cleaning to combat COVID-19? 

The great advantage of electrostatic cleaning, or electrostatic spraying, is the speed of effective application. The rapid response made possible in reaction to an outbreak, allows establishments to be fully treated and safely reopened in a much shorter timescale than that allowed by conventional application methods. Click here to find out more about Electrostatic Cleaning Services and how they can disinfect an area four times faster than conventional methods.

How important is COVID-19 hand hygiene?  

Having been proven to be the cornerstone of any successful infection prevention program, practicing effective hand hygiene is vitally important to stop the spread of infection at any, and particularly in the current climate due to the transmission rate and health effects of COVID-19. Click here to find out more about how to implement effective hand hygiene practices.

What is a commercial cleaning service?

Commercial or contract cleaning is private or public sector cleaning delivered by a cleaning company to businesses, education or healthcare facilities and public buildings. Often termed as facilities management, services can include exterior cleaning and maintenance services such as window cleaning, gutter, fascia and roofline cleaning, landscape maintenance and jet washing.

What is specialist cleaning?

Specialist cleaning can encompass anything from a biohazard emergency to building deep-cleans, contract and specialist services such as carpet cleaning and floor refinishing.

As one of the UK’s leading specialist cleaning companies, Monthind’s highly trained specialist cleaners are qualified to deal with specialist cleaning projects, even in the most challenging environments. This includes tackling hazardous waste and trauma cleaning; our operatives are qualified to deal with up to Category 4 biohazard situations (the highest category) and are trained to work in hazardous areas. Find out more about specialist cleaning services here.

What is biohazard cleaning?

Biohazard cleaning can be anything in categories one to four, from a domestic infestation or clinical contamination to compulsive hoarding or clean up after fire or flood.

Biohazard cleaning is at the highest end of specialist cleaning, and requires fully-trained dedicated biohazard teams, working and waste disposal methods. Biohazard cleaning is a complex specialist cleaning service, which you can read more about on our services page here.

What locations do you work in?

As the East of England’s largest independent cleaning company, we cover Kent, North London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Can I have a one-off clean?

Whether it’s a biohazard clean following an incident, end-of-tenancy or after build clean, Monthind Clean can attend site to complete a survey and a fixed quotation for the job. We can also deliver as-needed and seasonal services such as window and external cleaning, carpet cleaning and hard floor refinishing.

How much do your services cost?

Every contract is individually priced in a free, no obligation site survey. As an independent company with a local workforce, you’ll find our prices competitive.

Do you have a minimum contract size or length?

We have clients across all business sectors, so shaping our delivery around your needs is key. Your regular clean may not be daily, and you may wish to have one-off cleaning services, window and carpet or floor cleaning as additional services.

Will I always have the same team of cleaners?

We aim to have the same cleaning operative or team in place at all our contract cleaning sites, and we are proud to say that many of our staff have been with us for years – up to 25 years-plus in some cases! You’ll also have a dedicated contract manager in place. Of course, we have to allow for holidays and sickness, but in most cases, you’ll get to know your cleaning team as a valuable asset to your business.

Do you provide janitorial supplies?

Working with an established network of proven suppliers, Monthind Clean is able to offer a single source of supply for an extensive range of additional services and consumable products which complement our cleaning services. This includes personal consumables, feminine hygiene, pest control, baby care facilities management, clinical waste disposal and waste management & recycling. Read more here.

Why should I choose Monthind Clean as my commercial cleaning provider?

Monthind has grown over four decades to be the region’s most trusted cleaning provider. Our investment in excellence runs through the business from our individual service delivery to our company credentials. We believe we offer an unrivalled service portfolio, a truly dedicated, specialist team, perfected processes and cutting-edgecleaning technologies.

What are your environmental policies?

Monthind is fully committed to minimising ours and our clients’ impact on the environment. Monthind has a proactive approach to reducing waste, minimising energy use and environmental impact across the business. Our ISO 14001:2015 certification demonstrates Monthind’s commitment to the environment, where, in addition to complying with all statutory and legal obligations, we never stand still in delivering continued innovation and improvements in our impact on the environment.


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      Contact Monthind

      Get in touch with our team of cleaning experts, who will be able to answer any questions or provide a quotation.

      If you are interested in vacancies please visit our jobs page