Gender Pay Gap Report – 5th April 2020

We are required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The Gender Pay Gap Report provides an annual snapshot of the gender pay balance within Monthind Clean LLP on the 5th April 2020.  The number of employees that are full time relevant for this reporting period is significantly by the impact of COVID-19,  the number of full time relevant employees being impacted by those being placed on furlough, self-isolating or impacted by reduced working hours.  Of our workforce 28.4% were placed on furlough whilst 8.8% were either off isolating or reported sick.

Taking this information into consideration the Gender Pay Reporting still provides key information, the Gender Pay Report measures the difference between the average pay of all male and female employees, irrespective of their role or seniority, as well as the difference in bonus pay and the gender distribution across four pay quartiles. The company’s gender split is detailed below:

The commercial cleaning sector continues to see an imbalance of male and female employees, the gender split shows a 5% change from female to male employees when compared against the report for the 5th April 2018 showing female employees falling from 70% to 65%.  The cleaning industry continues to attract a predominantly female workforce due to the part – time working and flexibility of hours it offers.

Our mean gap (the difference between the average earnings of males and females) is 10.08%, this shows an improvement from 10.49% reported 5th April 2018. The cleaning sector and Monthind Clean LLP recognise that there is a gender pay gap both within the business and the sector, this is due to a higher percentage of senior positions occupied by males within the company.   Whilst the reason for this is as stated we remain focused on closing the mean gap.

Looking at our median (or midpoint) Gender Pay Gap this is 0.46% an improvement on 1.15% reported in 2018; this percentage indicates that both Males and Female’s on average are paid broadly the same rate.

Bonus payments are made depending on length of service and operational rewards, the majority of the payments relate to length of service.  The number of females receiving a bonus equates to 38.12% of all females employed whilst males receiving a bonus equates to 35.40% of those employed.   The majority of bonuses paid are lower amounts paid as rewards to cleaning staff in line with our reward scheme, based on the number of female employees this distorts the mean and median figures, the mean was 2.36% lower for males and median the same for both males and females.

Looking at the four quartiles it is apparent from what has previously been published with our figures that more males sit in the upper quartile than any other quartile. This reiterates where the biggest gap is visible and action required. We will as a company continue to address this issue and look to see more males spread across the quartiles, as stated in the opening comments the cleaning services industry continues to employ a predominantly part time female workforce which significantly impacts all aspects of gender pay.

We are pleased to see some improvements in the rebalancing of gender pay, these are small changes and we continue to take steps to show further improvement.  We have continued to upskill, promote and support our middle and junior female management to be able to move into more senior positions as they arise however has stated earlier in the report the challenges of rebalancing are in some ways linked to the employment demographic across the cleaning sector.  We will where practical continue to address any gaps and will continue to ensure that our policies and practices are fair.

The percentages calculated are an accurate representation of our Gender Pay Gap as at 5th April 2020.

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