Monthind Continues to Support the Armed Forces Covenant

As an Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) silver award holder, Monthind has already demonstrated its commitment to the scheme, but the company plans to highlight the benefits of employing veterans and reservists to other local businesses and national cleaning and facilities management companies.

Monthind Clean Partner, Simon Biggs, explains: “I am a veteran, ex-Army and a big supporter of the reservists. The Armed Forces Covenant is the nation’s commitment to those who serve in the armed forces and their families; that commitment continues after they leave the services. Reservists and veterans have a host of skills to bring to the workplace, but sometimes need a little extra support or a helping hand during the transition to the civilian career ladder. Monthind is proud to be part of that. It’s not a totally altruistic gesture, though, as a company we benefit from the forces’ training, whether that is in management skills or general work ethics, it makes sense for us to invest in these people. Monthind’s Head Office is in a garrison town, so we would like to spread the word amongst other businesses in Colchester, as well as our competitors in the contract cleaning and facilities management sectors.”

The scheme is not aimed at just ex-military personnel; it also serves to enable military spouses/partners to join the workforce. In Monthind’s case, it gained its Silver Award in recognition of its employment of reservists.

“Not all reservists declare their membership to their employer, so it is quite feasible that a company already qualifies for a silver award. I would highly recommend signing up for the scheme, acquiring the bronze award and promoting the scheme internally within your organisation. If reservists see your commitment, they are more likely to let you know they are involved, and you can work together to incorporate the training they receive from the forces into their development plan. Most reservists receive more than £20,000 of training, so it makes sense for you to make good use of those skills” concludes Simon.


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