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The ECL (Essex Cares Ltd) Inclusive Employment scheme offers adults with learning disabilities and autism help and guidance to achieve their dream of paid employment. After more than a decade of working as a key supplier of cleaning and specialist services for ECL, Monthind decided it was time the scheme was recognised for its truly admirable work.

Paul Hilton, Monthind’s Business Manager who looks after the ECL account said: “We have and continue to witness the care and support structures in place to ensure adults with learning disabilities and/or autism are equipped with the skills they need to pursue work aspirations.

As a supplier we work closely with a handful of adults across the ECL sites in Essex, where they are employed by us to carry out cleaning and caretaking duties which sits perfectly in line with their Inclusive Employer scheme.

Being part of the scheme allows us to work with adults from ECL to support them and ultimately give them the confidence to be independent, all of which would perhaps not be possible without the dedication from the Inclusive Employment team at ECL.

“Knowing that ECL has the Inclusive Employment scheme in place to help individuals with learning disabilities get on the employment ladder is truly admirable and knowing that we work with them on this scheme is extremely rewarding.”


ECL work with a plethora of businesses across Essex, continuously building relationships with key personnel to help with the assistance of securing workplace roles.

Having a dedicated Inclusive Employment team highlights the importance of giving their adults opportunities and encouraging them to be more independent, which in turn creates a fulfilling future.

Monthind feels ECL deserves to be rewarded not only for the opportunities they have already created for their adults, but for the ongoing work they continue to do in providing career guidance, working on vocational/accredited qualifications, and training.

For more information about the inclusive employment scheme or becoming an inclusive employer, visit Inclusive Employment | Essex | ECL.

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