Nataleigh Celebrates 25 Years at Monthind Clean

Nataleigh Baldry is celebrating 25 years as a Monthind Clean employee.

Nataleigh joined her mum and grandmother working for Monthind as a part-time cleaner in 1993, aged just 19. In the ensuing years, she has become a mum, and extended her role into some key contracts in the Ipswich area, becoming a valued member of the Monthind team.

Nataleigh said, “When I joined the company I was a student just looking for some temporary work, but I love the job, so I have stayed. I was based at Ipswich Borough Council for years and I have been the main operative for Gotelee Solicitors in Ipswich for the last eight years. I love working there, I’m treated as part of the Gotelee team and it’s a great place to work.

“The job hasn’t really changed that much over the years, but working environments are very different, so I have just adapted to the changes. I’ve grown up with the company, and becoming a mum meant the flexible hours really helped.

“I have always had great contact with my manager, I’ve enjoyed where I’ve worked, and the hours work around my social life and family. Monthind is a great company to work for, and I’m a great believer in that you get back what you give.”

Simon Biggs, Partner at Monthind Clean said, “When you talk to Nataleigh, it is obvious that she thoroughly enjoys working for the company, she is dedicated to providing a high standard and certainly goes above and beyond for Goatlee Solicitors. Her work is valued by Monthind and we know that is appreciated by everyone at Gotelee Solicitors too.”

Nataleigh was presented with £250 in shopping vouchers to mark her achievement with Monthind Clean.


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