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Getting back to work after COVID-19


“Workplaces should be cleaned more frequently, paying close attention to high-contact objects like door handles and keyboards. Employers should provide handwashing facilities or hand sanitisers at entry and exit points.”

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As one of the five key steps laid out by the UK government in their recently published guidelines for making workplaces safe for employees during coronavirus pandemic, professional cleaning services have a vital role to play in getting the UK back to work. But where should you start? What steps do you need to take to safely reopen your workplace?

From evaluating the cleaning services you require to ensuring your workplace is safe for your employees to return, to establishing an effective ongoing programme to maintain a safe level of clean, and assisting in the provision of additional sanitary or washroom facilities, Monthind Clean is here to help you create a clean, safe, virus-free working environment.


Creating Clean

Cleaning Services for Before you Reopen:

A vital first step towards the reopening of your workplace is to conduct a full assessment of the cleaning and hygiene requirements necessary to deliver a safe environment.

A deep clean of your premises, focusing on decontaminating high contact points and germ harbours such as washrooms, door handles and handrails, will reduce risk of contamination spreading and give your employees confidence that they can return to work in a clean and healthy environment.

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Cleaning_frequent _touchpoints_in_your_workplace

Increased sanitary provisions cited by the government guidelines include additional hand washing or sanitising stations, sanitary hand drying facilities, and increased waste disposal capabilities. The period before reopening is the ideal time to prepare for the increase in janitorial and sanitary provisions to ensure your business is ready to maintain a safe environment.

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For extreme cases requiring decontamination services, Monthind Clean is working in partnership with Hygiene Pro Clean, a containment expert specialising in dealing with biological threats, throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the development of their own spray technology, Hygiene Pro Clean can achieve full volume coverage of any void or space containing a potential threat.

Contact us today on 01206 215300 for expert guidance in making your workplace safe to reopen, from conducting an assessment to delivering a thorough deep clean.


Maintaining Clean

Continued Cleaning Services upon Reopening:

Frequent cleaning is essential to maintaining the clean and healthy working environment your employees will demand when they return to work. Regular deep cleans of frequent touchpoints, either at end of each day or week, will help to prevent transmission within your workplace. For your convenience, Monthind’s dedicated team of cleaning operatives can provide regular cleaning and disinfecting services outside of usual office hours to avoid unnecessary contact with your employees.

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Practicing Clean

Enabling and Encourage good hygiene practices

Practicing good hygiene within the workplace can be as important as regular cleaning services when it comes to minimising the transmission of biological agents. Taking steps to ensure your employees have easy access to hand washing or sanitising facilities and conduct good hygiene practices, such as effective handwashing and follow social distancing, is essential to preserving a hygienic workplace.

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How will Monthind deliver your clean and safe workplace?

Highly trained and experienced cleaning experts

As COVID-19 has been established as an enveloped virus, similar to influenza, Monthind Clean has proven cleaning methodologies and protocols to combat its spread. By using the correct combination of cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting (What’s the difference? Find out in our blog), our team of highly trained, expert cleaning operatives can safely eliminate the COVID-19 from your office or workplace surfaces.

Monthind’s cleaning operatives are trained to clean efficiently, effectively and systematically, covering all areas and surfaces of your office or workplace, from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between, including frequent touchpoints such as computers, keyboards, door handles and washroom facilities.

Throughout our 45 years in the industry, Monthind has always made significant investments in our cleaning operatives and ensuring they always have the very latest technologies and equipment to combat biological agents.


Extensive Health and Safety Expertise

To protect the hygiene of your facility, and our cleaning teams, Monthind’s cleaning operatives always use any relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) required. We conduct a thorough risk assessment before undertaking any job to ensure that our employees can safely deliver and maintain a safe working environment for your employees.

Monthind Clean is here to help you deliver a clean, safe, virus-free working environment.

To talk to an expert about how to make your premises safe for your employees to return to work, get in touch with us today on 01206 215 300 or email sales@monthindclean.co.uk.

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