Specialist Floor Treatment at Thriftwood School

As part of Monthind’s continual drive to improve and complement current cleaning services, staff recently undertook specialist training to strip and seal the wooden floor of a school hall.

Thriftwood School were looking to have their multi-use hall floor brought back to its original glory – after a site visit, Monthind recommended using their Diamond Pads and Bourne Seal floor restoration method.

A similar process had previously been used on the stone dance floor at Wherstead Park using Diamonds Pads and Dymasheen finish to great effect and so, ensuring the hall was well ventilated due to dust and odour, and health and safety procedures adhered to, Monthind staff set to work on the hall floor.

The process began with the wooden floor being stripped with Diamond Pads finely sanding the wooden floor without the use of chemicals.

The floor was then mopped with pure hot water to remove any dust or dirt residue. Once dry, Bourne Seal (a heavy duty polish and solvent) was applied with a T-Junction and lambs wool cover applicator. More than one coat can be applied depending on the porosity of the floor.

The end result was a fully restored hall floor, which will continue to provide long-lasting protection and many years of multiple uses for the school, including assemblies, as a sports hall and canteen.

Before and after:


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