Window Cleaning for Large Buildings in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambs and Herts

Back in the days when most windows opened, cleaning the outsides of large buildings was arguably a lot more straightforward. Before the 1950s, window cleaners would strap themselves into harnesses and carry out their work while standing on narrow window ledges.

With the emergence of the glass curtain wall building of the 1950s, cleaning the exterior of large buildings – especially skyscrapers – became more complex. Buildings had to feature flat roofs in order to accommodate the required cleaning equipment.

This equipment would take the shape of various platform types, which could be raised or lowered as required.
Window cleaning technology has come a long way since the 1950s, freeing architects from the flat-roof building shape. All manner of recesses, slopes and domes are now possible. Today, window cleaning is one of the fundamental aspects of a building’s maintenance. High level windows tend to be cleaned several times a year, while ground level and lobby windows are cleaned much more often.

The latest window cleaning technologies
New window cleaning technologies are being developed across the world, necessary to cope with increasingly tall and complicated structures – such as the Burj Kalifa in Dubai and The Shard in London.

Here at Monthind Clean most of our clients tend to operate lower-level buildings. But that doesn’t mean we don’t use the most sophisticated window cleaning systems available. In order to leave windows sparkling clean we use the most appropriate tool for the job.

These include:

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As one of the fastest-growing cleaning companies in the UK, it’s little wonder that so many public and private organisations use our professional window cleaning services. Ensuring your windows are sparkling clean gives the right impression – both to a building’s occupants and its visitors.

We deliver professional window cleaning services to a diverse range of commercial, public sector and facilities management clients across East Anglia, covering Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

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